Top 6 websites to find the perfect Chinese tutor

Before the 21st century, it was almost impossible to learn Chinese without living in China or with miraculously stumbled on a fluent speaker who offered to show you everything they knew.

But, fortunately, and # 8217; The 21st century, which means finding a Chinese online tutor is easier than ever!

If you \u0026 # 8217; Re a beginner or already fluently, the reservation of periodic lessons with an online tutor is beneficial for any Chinese apprentice. It helps you practice your skills (and move forward) by having conversations and getting explanations from a native speaker.

Not to mention, having real-life conversations in Chinese is excellent for talking and listening to understanding skills. 123]

In this blog post, i \u0026 # 8217; You will see with you four qualities that make an incredible tutor, how to make the most of your lessons and six awesome websites to find the perfect Chinese tutoronline.

Let \u0026 # 8217; SBUCE, should we?

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What to look for in a Chinese tutor online

Choosing which teacher to book is an exciting and terrifying process!

You \u0026 # 8217; about to invest money, after all, and while I can and can not start to start improving their Chinese skills, you also want to make sure you are getting the biggest BANG for your money .

Luckily, I \u0026 # 8217; I have gathered some tips and tricks after spending four years browsing online for high-quality Chinese online tutors.

Before reserving that first lesson, make sure that their new Chinese tutor complies with these fulfillments.

A native Chinese speaker

Most likely, you already prefer your tutor to be a native speaker. But sometimes it can sometimes be tempting to reserve a lesson with non-native speakers due to the price, great availability, timezonsimilities and other factors.

No matter how fluid they are, you can simply reject the fact that they (most likely) have become a Chinese-speaking country and also have a slight accent.

Chinese native tutors, on the other hand, have submerged in Chinese culture all their lives and can help you with your accent and teach you things like colloquial vocabulary, jargon and languages.

Availability that adapts to their schedule

IT and # 8217; It is not difficult to find a Chinese online tutor whose availability coincides with yours. Many websites have hundreds of tutors, each with their own availability options.

This means that it does not matter what time of day, it is free, it is bound tobe a tutor there and # 8217; S offer classes during that period.

If you feel you have to commit or hurry to make your lessons, you are likely to burn and eventually stop reserving.

Provides responses to their questions

Good tutors won and # 8217; T just teach what they want to teach you, they will show you what you want to teach.

You know that you and # 8217; I have found a great Chinese guardian when you feel safe to ask questions before, during or after the lesson. Some of my favorite Chinese tutors not only answered my questions, but they also gave me example sentences for the new grammar structures or the words of vocabulary that I learned throughout the week.

It encourages him to speak Chinese

. Be surprised, but even some Chinese native tutors will mainly use English in their lessons. Depending on your level, you may or may not want that.

If you \u0026 # 8217;Re a beginner, you still need to trust English a little.But if you \u0026 # 8217;He is intermediate or further, his lessons must be more in Chinese than English.Whether this is through the practice of conversation or explaining new words, it is surprised by the number of Chinese you can really understand through Context.

Finally, a good tutor won \u0026 # 8217;T let you escape with the quiet accommodation throughout the lesson. They must encourage him to speak Chinese with confidence!chinese tutor online

Tips for studying with an online Chinese tutor

Now knows what each online Chinese tutor needs to get to his list of candidates.Ahora, Let \u0026 # 8217;There is talk of some tips to put into practice after having found and # 8220;the one!\u0026 # 8221;

Take notes during the lesson. You have to be luxury notes, but you should always keep a notebook or a piece of paper to your LADO during the lesson. Even if your teacher sends you the vocabulary or grammar points through a message or download, the writing of things helps, helps you learn them better and faster.reep after your tutor. Your tutor helps improve your pronunciation and allows you to correct it if you \u0026 # 8217; He is saying something wrong. The majority of the tutors will ask you to repeat after them or ask them to make your own prayers, but even if they do not and do not meet.7; T, there and # 8217; It’s nothing wrong with doing it anyway. He hired them to help you, after all! Ask your guardian to correct your prayers. A grammar exercise that I love doing after learning new sentence structures is to create my own example sentences and then send them to my tutor before our next lesson. At the beginning of the lesson, she already has the corrections of her and she can explain me to me! Write her questions during the week. Yes I canis to consult and # 8217; T His tutor throughout the week, follow up all the questions that asked him or struggle to find answers to. Then, during your next lesson, ask your tutor (and write your answer). Keep practicing between sessions. You will learn faster if you complement your tutoring sessions with consistent practice and self-guided practice. For example, you can watch videos in Fluentu, a language learning platform that teaches Chinese through authentic video content.

Fluentu takes authentic music videos Videos, Movie Raillers, news and sizes inspired: and makes them personalized language learning lessons.

FluentU Ad

You can try Fluentu for free for 2 weeks. Click here to see the website or download the iOS application or the Android application.

Try free Fluentu!

Listening to Chinese native speakers during the weekHe would end up for his tutoring sessions!

The 6 main websites to find the perfect online Chinese tutor

chinese tutor online Now that it is fully equipped to reserve. A high quality teacher and knows how to make the most of its sessions, Let \u0026 # 8217; s Discover the six best places to find the Chinese tutor soon!


One of the most popular language tutoring platforms out there, Italyki is one of the best places to find the perfect Chinese tutor online . They have more than 500 Chinese tutors to choose from, each with different origins and qualifications.

When the search for tutors in Italyki, can filter the results by price range, availability, native speaker and more. Each tutor has an introductory video in his profile where they are presented, explain how their lessons work and encourage him to reserve a lesson.

chinese tutor online You can choose between two di tutorsFelers of tutors in the Guardians of the Itali-Community community and professional teachers.The tutors of the community are fluent / native speakers who have known all the strict ITALKI \u0026 # 8217 standards;Have Don \u0026 # 8217;T have a background in education.Professional teachers, on the other hand, have a certification or a higher education degree in the field of education.

Tangerine tutor

chinese tutor online Unlike the Itali, the tutor of Mandarin is a platform forFind only Mandarinian Chinese teachers.The lessons are one by one and are carried out through Skype.Before reserving your first session, you can book a free 25 minute trial lesson with one of your tutors.

Another characteristic that distinguishes Mandarin tutor. The fact that all his tutors are native speakers and have been professionally trained in the teaching of the \u0026 # 8217; Requiring a lesson for conversation practice, business preparation or even your children, Mandarin Tutor allows you to create and personalize your own course and lessons.

Each tutor has its own specific rate, so it expends depends on who reserved. But many of the tutors have affordable rates, with some even submerged to individual digits during a 50-minute lesson.


chinese tutor online

Although the tutor is directed MASHACIA Children, adults can also benefit from the reserve sessions. Each lesson has 25 minutes and focuses on teaching Chinese through immersion, which means that there will be no little to the English used in the class.

Each tutor is a native and certified Chinese speaker, and can take lessons in unacomputer, tablet or mobile phone.The owners also take pride in their ability to combine with the MasterOS based on Ensus preferences, such as age, level, interest and more.

Do not only offer tutoring Individual private classes with tutors, they also have a blog that explains many concepts of Chinese grammar and vocabulary words

My Chinese tutor

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chinese tutor online With more than 18,000 students learning each week, my Chinese tutor is a team of Beijing teachers with extremely affordable prices.

chinese tutor online 123] The lessons start at $ 10 USD per hour, but the first lesson that Reservations is free. The tutors are involved by the team, and each one has a significant amount of background and experience in teaching Chinese teaching.

My Chinese tutor has a unique price plan that allows you to pay depending on the number of lessons you want to have per month … the levels are informal, standard, intensive and super inTensives, with the lowest (informal) plan that allow up to 10 lessons per month and the highest (super intensive) that allow up to 100 per month.

Regardless of what they choose, each individual function operation, and the lessons follow a structured learning program.


Similar to italyki, Verbling is a platform to learn languages \u200b\u200bthrough individual lessons but are not specific to Mandarin Chinese. They have more than 50 languages \u200b\u200band house more than 7,500 teachers from all over the world.

Find your ideal tutor according to the price range, availability, which languages \u200b\u200btutor speaks, its place of origin and much more. Each tutor has its own hourly rate, but before booking a lesson, you can book a free trial with any tutor.

Chinahour Chinehour presents a variety of courses, such as HSK training, the Chinese spoken, business Chinese, preparation of AP.And much more, which is taught through individual lessons.You can easily review your progress in a specific course with your unique progress verification system and even register your video lessons, which works perfectly for those who want to review the lessons later.Like many other options, Chinesehour also offers a free trial lesson and houses many different tutors.You can search tutors according to your teaching style, signature course, ratings and more.\u0026 nbsp;And there you have it!Six stunning websites to find Chinese PE tutorRictory online, as well as tips to save lives for how to make the most of your lessons (and money!).So, what are you waiting for?Get out and reserve your first lesson!Brooke Bagley is an independent writer and an apprentice passionate language.She has learned Mandarin Chinese for seven years, Spanish by three and Indonesian by one.Apart from the languages, Brooke directs the independent writing business of it, Writteng \u0026 Amp; thrive and specializes in the drafting of B2B, Marketing of Content and Health and Holistic Welfare.Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take to any place. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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