Test time without stress! Chinese shaking of 5 fantastic platforms.

Repeat after me: Questionnaires are not the enemy!

Our school days of qualifications may have taught us to fear to fear, which seemed designed only to call our mistakes. However, as language students, we need to rethink the questionnaires as our best partners of responsibility.

This mentality applies if we are self-learning or teaching; It applies if we are beginners or almost native speakers. When taking mighty, and when treating them as greater opportunities for growth, we can identify our areas of improvement and our strengths.

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\u0026 NBSP;

How can I use online questionnaires to strengthen my chiade?

As we have previously learned, we can use evaluations to create a more complete image of our linguistic competition landscape. But, how do we know what kind of questionnaires will incorporate into our study plans?

Choosing the correct questionnaire requires knowing your language learning objectives.

Are you working on a difficult grammar pattern? Trying to upload your language game? Turn on through a textbook? Just trying to have a sense of what level you should be studying?

Survey Learning language that has done so far, and imagine the next steps you would like to take. Once you have reflected on your intentions, take a look at the five central categories of questionnaires below.

Test time without stress! Chinese issues of 5 fantastic platforms

Competition simulacros exams: That is Mandarin

chinese quizzes

Competition tests help to evaluate their skills Chinese on a standardized scale. The best-known offer is the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), the standardized Profi of Chinese science for Chinese non-native speakers. Taiwan offers a similar exam, the Chinese test as a foreign language (Tocfl).

For details on the similarities and differences between the two exams, visit the HSK vs. item. Tocfl of Tricming. You may need results from one of these tests if you wish to study at a Chinese-speaking university, win a scholarship from the Chinese or Taiwanese government, be hired by a Chinese-speaking company or request certain visas.

[123 However, beyond these functions, competition exams are also a useful tool forRa measure the progress of learning. Your standardized questions are a reflection of the range of words and types of prayers and passages that a student should feel comfortable to be considered an apprentice for beginners, intermediate or advanced.

If you are ready to dive, take a look that is the downloadable PDF exams of Mandarin with audio files that match HSK 1-6 levels. The response keys and response analyzes are linked to the end of Each PDF.

Do you want to learn more about how to prepare for competition exams? Check out the platforms like President Bao and Chinese HSK for level readers.

Integral: fluid

chinese quizzes

If you are looking for integral lessons that culminate in questionnaires, do not look for more than Fluentu!

Fluid takes authentic videos videos, such as music videos, movies trailers, news and conversations inSpirators, and make them personalized language learning lessons.

You can try Fluentu for free for 2 weeks. Click here to see the website or download the iOS application or the Android application.

FluentU Ad

Try free Fluentu!

The quizzes can be customized and work at their own pace. They will also test the entire range of language skills creation: grammar, vocabulary, pinyin, Chinese character recognition and Chinese characters entry (ie, writing).

An individual video often includes more than one questionnaire. This helps Learks break a lesson in digestible pieces, while still guarantees that you get confidence in each of the areas of key skills presented in the lesson before continuing. After completing a mini-questionnaire, you can see your expressed progress as a score and, as a percentage of the video learned.

HowDo leave the test menu, you can see a vocabulary list of a given lesson and a transcript of the same lesson dialog. Together with each word or prayer, you will see an indicator to remind you which elements already dominated, and which were lost in your questionnaire.

Equipped with this detailed feedback, you can further customize your study methods to focus on your weaker skill areas.

Flumentu resources can be sorted by level (for example, beginner, advanced), topic (for example, business, humor) and format (for example, musical video, interview). There is something for everyone!

The quizzes in Fluentu are a great fit for Chinese students who want to track their general progress in language learning and have entertained danger.

If you want to give you a test execution before committing completely, fluent, offers a free trial!

Pinyin and tones: Visual Mandarin

chinese quizzes

Visual Mandarin tests are perfect for beginners, advanced beginners or anyone who wants to review basic concepts.

The test options are ordered by the level of difficulty and has detailed descriptions.

Do you need to practice your four essential tones? Try \”tone discrimination, test 1\”.

Do it highlighting a difficult time to distinguish between the ZH in Zhi and the CH in Chi? Take your \”Sound Discrimination, Test 1\”.

Top-level tests will give more difficult examples to continue pressing them to identify tones, initial sounds, final sounds and changes in the tone.

These tests are done exclusively in Pinyin with paired audio, which makes them a great fit for students who also need to strengthen their recognition by Pinyin Skmales The included native audio will help to affiate on their skills ofListen, which will contribute to a more natural speech accent over time.

chinese quizzes Vocabulary: pleco

Pigeco is one of the most popular dictionaries applications for Chinese language apprentices. As a Chinese dictionary, first, full, it can be easily transformed into a robust vocabulary test application.

You must add the FlashCards add-on in the application to access the test function. From there, simply browse the thousands of Plonco dictionary entries, add any entry to your FlashCard list and start a questionnaire!

Prateco is an exceptional platform for all levels of vocabulary questionnaires. You can try you on anything, from the most basic pronouns to the most advanced Chinese idioms.

Flashcard card sets can also be mixed together, and you can adjust the configuration to prove yourself in the CALAChinese cter, pronunciation, definition or a combination of skills.As many applications of friendly questions for the student, he will place the lost words in his pile of questions to promote repetition and reinforcement.

chinese quizzes Companion of textbooks: Perhaps

Perhaps offers concordable tests on common topics.This causes QUOMLETLE to be the perfect platform for students seeking tests that can match with textbooks and other existing study materials.

A great example is the wide range of tests available for the popular \u0026 # 8221;Integrated Chinese;Textbooks for beginners, like this questionnaire in \u0026 # 8220;Integrated Chinese \u0026 # 8221;Level 1, part 1.

But the quizing is not just for beginner students!

Users have also made companions to specialized textbooks, such as \u0026 # 8220;Startu.P Business Chinese \u0026 # 8220;Y \u0026 # 8220;Chinese stories and traditions.\u0026 # 8221;

Because the quizing is not a specific Chinese platform, you must put more work in advance to enter the relevant characters, pinyin and definitions.However, this also means that you can customize the content to your exactness.

Do you want to include several sample sentences, or note the textbook page number in which you can find your word vocabulary? Add it!

Do not you see the questionnaire you want? Talk to itAnd share it with your classmates and study partners!

Quizlet It is also a great replacement for pleco if you do not want to buy the FlashCards CLASCO plugin.

\u0026 nbsp; 123] With this diverse variety of options, it is fine on its way to become a friend of the humble quiz.al to treat self-assessment as an integral part of any study plan, make sureSee measurable improvements in a short time!Kelsey Owyang is a California educator.\u0026 Nbsp;Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that can take any place. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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