Exercise your mind: 10 Flashcard Chinese applications to build your Mandarin muscle.

Do you work?

Maybe you go to the gym with the aim of getting the Swole (or at least staying in shape).

Or perhaps suits around their block every morning for a little light but effective cardio.

But do you also work on your linguistic skills daily?

Do you use your memory from time to time?

Help Tubbrain Stay Fit exercising it with Chinese Flashcard applications.

Learn Chinese with FlashCards is a fairly effective method to exercise its Mandarin Learning Muscle \u0026 # 8230; while using them well.

Research shows that Flashcards cards are more effective when separated at the correct intervals.

Fortunately, Flashca card applicationsRD Chinese can take care of the spacing so you can concentrate on learning. It is a perfect match! \u0026 Nbsp;

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\u0026 nbsp;

How to learn Mandarin Chinese with Flashcard card applications

Since everything is digital these days, it makes sense that Flash cards could evolve in an electronic format. And fortunately for the students of Mandarin, there, and # 8217; SA apparently infinite wealth of Flashcard Chinese applications available online.

But how do you use these applications, anyway?

Here are some tips:

Study in your inactivity. Most Chinese Flashcard applications are intended to be used in short bursts. That means that you can use them at any time you have someFREE minutes, like when you are driving to work or when you are in your rest for lunch.The beauty of having easily accessible flashcard applications in the hand is that you can take them off whenever you want!Check the challenging words.Most applications on our list below have a \u0026 # 8220;Save \u0026 # 8221;Characteristic where you can keep a certain abulitary vocalable.Use this function to label the words you are fighting with the fight to review them later.It is conformed with just one.Each China Flashcard application has its strengths and weaknesses.But you \u0026 # 8217;It is not limited to using only one!You can always download more than one application so you can change things when you feel that your learning has stagnated or if you are bored with the use of the same program again and again.

One last thing to remember is that not all applications available to download or buy are worth yourTime (or precious telephone storage space). How can you find the best applications for Chinese Flashcard learning? Easy! Just reading to see our selections.

What if you install an application and do not you? No problem! Most of these applications are free. Simply uninstall and test the following one in the list.

Sufficient warm-ups; LET \u0026 # 8217; S Reach Brain-Brain’s real training with our 10 best selections of Flashcard applications!

10 Flashcard applications Chinese to Build Your mandarin muscle

chinese-flashcards-app Fluentu (Android | iOS)


You want to try authentic Chinese content, but the gift \u0026 # 8217; Do you feel safe enough about your skills? Fluid can help.

Fluid takes authentic music videos, such as music videos, movies trailers, inspiring news and conversations, and the conviErten in personalized language learning lessons.

FluentU Ad You can try Fluentu for free for 2 weeks. Click here to see the website or download the iOS application or the Android application.

Try free Fluentu!

The student-centered program makes the authentic content accessible to students, regardless of what level it is!

Fluentu \u0026 # 8217; S are a great aspect of the program. FlashCards show the word, definition, an associated image, an example sentence and even other videos where you can find the word for even more context.

Discover new words while you see videos thanks to the interactive subtitles and transcripts that come with Evideo ACH. Then, use the Fluentu \u0026 # 8217 questionnaires to evaluate how well each word learned. Best of all, the algorithm will monitor your learning history and suggest ACTivities and videos according to your progress.

chinese-flashcards-app It \u0026 # 8217; SA 100% personalized experience!

Anki (Android | iOS)

Anki has made waves around the language learning community. It is certainly understandable why! The program is a learning giant, built specifically to study with Flashcards.

Although the iOS version will turn a strong sum, the Android and Web versions of Anki are completely free.

Anki allows you to create your own flash cards and build covers with so much or a detail like you and # 8217; D. is compatible with different languages, images and even audio.

Anki uses the concept of spacked repetition (SRS) to show him words of vocabulary at the perfect intervals, reinforcing words that he finds challenging and showing words dominated only fresh enough enough Pto keep them at the forefront of their memory.It is the perfect tool to create the ideal platform for your study needs.


If you did not bow to make your own Flash cards, Don \u0026 # 8217;The Community \u0026 # 8217;S has his back.There are many useful useful Flashcard Covers useful, many of them in massive in size, reach and content.

Are not you sure where to start?Try the \u0026 # 8220;Chinese beginner (traditional and simplified) sentences, \u0026 # 8221;\u0026 # 8220;Mandarin Chinese HSK 1-5 vocabulary with audio \u0026 # 8221;O \u0026 # 8220;Development of Chinese fluidity: advanced Chinese Vocab and # 8221;Covers, depending on your current level.

PLEECO (Android | iOS)


Beco merges the concepts of a FlashCard application and an English-Chinese dictionary.If you are looking for an aerodynamic application that can provide functionsEasy search for language emergencies, as well as FlashCard card covers for when I have free time, this is all.

The part of the lala application dictionary allows you to search for words through a powerful search engine that allows Pinyin searches, character and wildcard. You can also use the application and handwriting recognition software To verify unknown words or even use the application to translate content into other applications on your phone.

You can even see stroke order diagrams for Hanzi and a series of other treats.

The FlashCard component of PATECO \u0026 # 8217; It is as complete, which allows you to import your own vocabulary lists and try you using SRS and exercises as a blank filling.

The free version of the application is severely limited, but the full version is worth the price.

Traincochinese (Android | iOS)

chinese-flashcards-app Traincochinese has a single algorithm specifically oriented to students, which carries out the intention of consideration.

For example, imagine the search for \u0026 # 8220; Chinese food and # 8221; on Google. The search engine meets you \u0026 # 8217; Probably look for a quick meal in your neighbor, not the history of Chinese food or a restaurant in a country, I have never been.

Similarly, Traincochinese will take into account what they probably try to learn and show. Results based on this information. Also as Google, the TraitChinese search engine will begin to show results as soon as you start writing and suggest corrections if you make a spelling error, to make sure you always find what you are looking for.

The Flashcard system in Trainchinese is also aimed at students. Use SRS to guarantee an effective memorization, including animationS of characters and audio and allows you to organize cards in covers and even make study notes on them.

Change between the modes to prioritize the character or learning of voices by showing cards in Chinese, Pinyin or English. Do you want to practice your writing, too? Compare your character by writing to the animation of Trashinese!

Best of all, your progress, covers and NOES saved on your device and synchronized with the website, so you can always continue learning from where you left it, no matter where you are.

Quizlet (Android | iOS) chinese-flashcards-app

Maybe it’s a fantastic tool that can be used for much more than just learning Mandarin Chinese. Do you need to memorize some terms Key for a test at school? Do you want to learn the names and positions of the constellations? The Quizlet is the perfect choice for anything that can be learned with FlashCards.

Like Anki,You can access hundreds of user-made covers for several things, including Chinese. And like Anki, you can also make your own custom flash cards check. If you \u0026 # 8217; It is a bit overwhelmed by the size of S and potential functions, the quizing is the easiest option to use.

Quizlet has different modes for students, from the typical Flashcard format, to write, coincidence and audio exercises.

chinese-flashcards-app For a fee, you can buy the official learning of Chinese Decks or even collections of sets, such as numbers and amplifier; Collection of animal vocabulary, which presents a simplified Chinese functionality, diagrams and text.

Memrise (Android | iOS)

Membrise began as Flashcard application based, but is grown to be much more. It \u0026 # 8217; S designed to teach languages \u200b\u200bto people through the incentive of challenges and games withOther users. However, the program is still stuck at its roots, however, with a solid SRS-based functionality based in SRS.

Use native speaker audio to learn each word or phrase, then test your ability to write it from memory according to your memory definition or record and compare it with the native audio with the voice recognition function.

Memrise also has FlashCard card covers made by the user, but they are currently in the migration process to their own website and launch a dedicated application platform. You can read more about movement and when to expect the new application on the Memrise website.

Learn Chinese Mandarin words (Android | iOS)


If it is an Vento for an excellent aesthetically pleasant design, it is possible You want to review this Flashcard option.

This application is essentially a large cover that comiesNZA to exit absolute basics to advanced or complex characters. This compact application will teach you more than 5,000 tangerine words with your accompaniment by Hanzi and Pinyin. You can also access audio files from the native speakers for each word.

If you make a mistake, the application will take note of the characters with which you fought and review with you periodically.

The application breaks down the characters memorablely and uses minigames, specific lessons and various test modes to help users learn the language effectively.

Learn the words of Mandarin Chinese used to be completely free without ads chinese-flashcards-app

but now has several microtransractions and requires a fee to unlock the complete product.

HSK 1-6 Flashcards (Android | iOS)

Instead of a single application, this collection is a series of programs. These applications of FHandtechnics Chinese Lashcard are divided into six different levels of Chinese competition test (HSK).If you are trying to study for the competition test, or simply want a collection of vocabulary organized by difficulty, give these applications a turn.

The way it works is simple: a flashcard shows you a Chinese character, you try to remember the meaning of it, then click on \u0026 # 8220;Reveal \u0026 # 8221;To see if you have it well.Easy!chinese-flashcards-app

Each application includes more and more words of vocabulary.From 100 with HSK 1, it can progress through the levels to master more than 4,800 words by HSK 6.

Simply select the name of the developer to see all the other levels available in this series of applications.

Don \u0026 # 8217;Do you want to download six different applications?No problem.Learn Flashcards Chinese HSK (for Android and iOS), by the same DevelopmentGOR, includes the six levels of HSK for a price (more, noads!).

Mandarin Flash Cards (iOS)

Sometimes, it helps to return to their roots. This application of Cortex Baby Cortex makes it just that the images and text of each card on this application cover remind the traditional primary school Flashcards cards that probably used to learn English or their native language.

The functionality is brilliantly simple, not showing anything more than the essential elements. With each card, you obtain traditional and simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English, as well as an audio pronunciation of the term.

Each package requires a purchase and no ability can be made to make their own flash cards, so the use in this is limited, but it is an excellent application of INice for students who are full language beginners. Mandarin Flashcards for Kids (Android | iOS) If you \u0026 # 8217; He is learning Mandarin and needs a flashcard application and # 8217; S more visual and entertaining, this Freebie is a great start. Learn 450 words, divided into thematic categories. The application comes with fun extras, such as the sound effects appropriate for several cards (such as a roar for a lion), as well as the audio audio voice professionally registered. Or deactivate it as you need it. Since you are so friendly for children and simple, this China Flashcard application is also better for full beginners. \u0026 nbsp; UF! Take some breaths deeply and drink a little water, that was an intense cerebral training session. I hope, I have found at least one Flashcard China application that will live on your phone andIt will help you sneak some exercise from the mind when you have a moment.Enjoy!EM Casalena is an author published, an independent writer and musical columnist. Icribe on many things, music to movies to the language. (This publication was coecritated with Yuliya Geikhman.) \u0026 NBSP;Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take to any place. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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