Congratulations in Chinese: How to shower praise as a native support speaker

Life is too short so as not to celebrate each other and each other \u0026 # 8217; S Profitable Achievements: Large and small!

There are infinite events and moments in life that is worth celebrating.

From a commitment to land a new job, accepting their controller and proof of their driver to become an owner, all have their own victories that we must recognize and complement.

More, it would be a bit rude not to say congratulations when a friend or an acquaintance shares their good news with you. It is quite since he answers someone and, therefore, therefore, so he must learn to grant praise and say congratulations in Chinese.

In China, however, it becomes deeper. that the fear of being perceived as rude. In fact, the act of praising others is only a small part of a greater cultural concept known as 关系 (Guān Xì), literally, meaningand # 8220;Relationship.\u0026 # 8221;\u0026 nbsp;

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\u0026 nbsp;

The cultural importance of praise of success in China

You may have already heard the terms 关系 (Guān Xì) for \u0026 # 8220;Relationship and # 8221;and 面子 (Miàn Zi) for \u0026 # 8220;Expensive.\u0026 # 8221;In case you have not done it, let \u0026 # 8217;Briefly sucides why these Chinese concepts are vital for social behavior.

Maintaining good relations

关系 (Guān Xì) It is about its staff, family, social, business and even political connections.As Forbes puts it, \u0026 # 8220;[Guanxi] implies confidence and mutual obligations between Parties \u0026 # 8230;Having good, bad or no guanxi affects the influence and ability of one to do things.\u0026# 8221;

The creation of networks is obviously how it would expand and diversify their relationships, and a large part of doing and maintaining good relationships, regardless of what level, is giving \u0026 # 8220; FACT \u0026 # 8221; or 面子 (Muàn Zi).

What Gain means and losing his face

winning and losing his face is something that exists in many cultures, but the definition and severity of the concept vary from one country to another.

In China, it is about respect, honor and social foot. Some ways of giving and winning face include greetings, greetings on vacation, wishing others well, providing promotion and saying sorry when an error or an inconvenience has been committed, as well as recognizing people and achievements # 8217;

On the other hand, losing the face occurs when humiliating someone or making them lose the dignity of it in some kind of passage. Basically you are tarnishing your reputation.

Here is an example of someone who loses theFace:

congratulations in Chinese

In this conversation, a man feels that he has lost his face at his class meeting. While he felt embarrassed when some people revealed the feelings of him to the girl he likes, that he has to have a boyfriend.

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Give it the apprenticeAje of traditional textbooks and allows you to immerse yourself as relevant and relatable, which gives you not only an applicable perspective on the concepts of grammar, but also a deeper immersion in cultural norms, such as the face of salvation.

Now, Let \u0026 # 8217; Successfully with the many ways to congratulate someone in Chinese.

Congratulations on Chinese: How to shower to praise as a native support speaker

From the generic Greeting sentences to support for support, options for exhibiting happiness and pride in achievements are infinite.

How to say congratulations on Mandarin

In the Chinese, there are actually a lot of different ways to say and # 8220; Congratulations. \u0026 # 8221; Here are some of the most common Chinese translations of \u0026 # 8220; to congratulate. \u0026 # 8221;

祝贺 (Zhùhè) – To congratulate; Congratulations

恭喜 (Gōngxǐ) – Congratulations; Greetings

You can also add 你 (nǐ) meaning and # 8220; You \u0026 # 8221; at the end of each term to say and # 8220; congratulations to you). \u0026 # 8221;

祝贺 祝贺 (Zhùhè nǐ) – Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you

恭喜 恭喜 (Gōngxǐ nǐ) – Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you

Here are some additional terms, although less common, you can also use for non-specific occasions. You may notice that these terms are variations of the same characters used in the previous verbs.

恭贺 (Gōnghè) – To congratulate with respect; To wish well

恭 恭 (G (Gōng Zhù) – to congratulate with respect; to wish (a superior) good luck and success

(Zhì Hè) – To congratulate [ 123]

道喜 (Dàoxǐ) – To congratulate

道贺 (dàohè) – please congratulate

贺喜 (Hèxǐ) – to congratulate

for the terms as 恭贺 ( Gōnghè) and 恭 恭 (Gōng Zhù), can assume in 你 (nǐ) at the end to say, and # 8220;Congratulations (to you), \u0026 # 8221; As we did it with the first two words.

As for the rest, you can say 我 向 你 (Wǒ Xiàng nǐ) + greeting verb, which would literally translate to \u0026 # 8220; me towards you congratulate, \u0026 # 8221; But it really means \u0026 # 8220; Congratulations. \u0026 # 8221; Below are a couple of examples for its reference.

我 我 你 致贺. (Wǒ Xiàng nǐ Zhì Hè.) – I congratulate you; Congratulations to you).

我 向 你. (Wǒ Xiàng nǐ dàoxǐ.) – I congratulate you; Congratulations to you).

Additional phrases for praise of success

Although the previous section showed that there is more than one way of saying and # 8220; congratulations, \u0026 # 8221; The praise is also very general. Whenever you can be more specific, please do it.

For example, if you want to congratulate someone at the end of the construction or renew your home, you can say:

燕雀 燕雀 (Yànquè Xiāng Hè)

Is a language that means literally \u0026 # 8220; a sparrow and swallow and # 8217; s, and # 8221; But you can think about it as congratulating someone who built his \u0026 # 8220; Nest. \u0026 # 8221;

There are many other situations for them to praise others. At weddings, you can share your wishes for the happy couple saying:

祝 祝 婚姻! (Zhù nǐ Hūnyīn Xìng Fús!)

This is translated into \u0026 # 8220; Congratulations for your marriage \u0026 # 8221; O \u0026 # 8220; I wish you a happy marriage. \u0026 # 8221;

Do you know someone who is graduating from school? I wish you and # 8220; Happy graduation and # 8221; By saying:

恭喜 恭喜 顺利 顺利! (Gōngxǐ nǐ Sh’n Lì Bìyè!)

If a person has a new opportunity, like a job, some things that I could say to Alabarinclude the following:

祝贺 祝贺 你 你 新 新 新! (Zhùhè nǐ Zhǎo Dào Xīn Gōngzuò) – Congratulations for the new job!

恭 祝 促销 成功! (Gōngzhù CùXIāo CHÉNG Gōng!) – Congratulations for the promotion!

开 张大吉! (Kāizhāng Dàjí!) – Auspicious beginning of a new company (literally); Congratulations for the new business!

Expressions for support and other words of encouragement

\u0026 # 8220; Congratulations and # 8221; It is the natural answer when you want to express your happiness for someone’s achievements \u0026 # 8217; But you can also show your support with other phrases.

For one, it can let the person know that he is happy by saying by saying 我 都 替 你 高兴 (Wǒ dōu tì nǐ gāoxìng).

Here are other expressions that you can use:

你 你 啊! (Nǐ zhēn bàng a!) – You are (for Lo) Incredible!

太 好 了! (Tài Hǎole!) – That’s great; Great news!

非常 好! (fēichang hǎo!) – Well done!

And if you are looking for more ways to share your support, these are some of the things you can say:

我 我 直 直. (Wǒ Yīzhí Xiāngxìn nǐ.) – I have always believed inyou.

我 我 骄傲. (Wǒ Wèi nǐ jiāo \u0026 # 8217; ào.) – I’m proud of you.

的 的 的 的 的(Wǒ Zǎo Jiù Zhdào nǐ Neng Xíng de.) – I knew (early) you could do it.

Non-verbal forms to say congratulations

For some occasions, especially when a celebration with a meeting, it is customary to give a gift. Certain events can call certain gifts, but the red envelope filled with money or 红包 (Hónng Bāo) is a safe bet.

How much it puts there depends on the age of the recipient and the milestone. Obviously, a committed couple would receive a diminished amount that a child who graduated from elementary school.

According to modern Chinese wedding customs, they can also present fruits and nuts as a gift for the couple, such as dates, longgan, chestnuts and peanuts. To celebrate a new business or officers, some people give paintings or animal figurines of theLuck as a desire for prosperity and wealth. Decorative depieces like these can also be gifts for home to bring health and safety at home.Of course, you do not need to wait for a large part to give your loved ones. You are more than welcome to present your loved ones with gifts when you perform something greater or younger.As you progress in your language studies, you will learn that this is only unsnippet of all ways to say congratulations in Chinese. However, knowing that these expressions are sufficiently enough to help native speakers, as well as yourself,Keep the good face!\u0026 Nbsp;Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take to any place. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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