Cha-ching! Money in Chinese and how to talk about it.

Money makes the world turn around, it does not,

is fine, money is not all, but it plays a huge part in our lives.

Financial security is important, although, and # 8217; S by the way. There is even a study that suggests counting money relieves pain. I suppose it could be said that having deep pockets is therapeutic or comforting.

Because money is so essential for us and the fact that China is one of the 10 best richest nations in the world, it makes sense to learn this. Special topic of vocabulary in Chinese.

But first, let, let \u0026 # 8217; S of the Chinese currency.

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Chinese currency: CNY VS. RMB

You may have listened to the people who refThey hear Chinese money like Yuan and Remininbi. So, what exactly is the difference between the two?

What and # 8217; S Yuan?

Without obtaining too technical with Financial Lingo, 元 (Yuán) is the unit of account; Simply, which means a unit that indicates how the price is measured, such as the value of the banknotes and the coins. So, when you’re talking about denominations, you \u0026 # 8217; DY 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan, etc.

Yuan (¥) is also the symbol and the unit used. In currencies, and CNY is the abbreviation used in international finance, trade and other modes of monetary exchange.

What is Renminbi?

Renminbi (RMB) or 人民币 (Rhebebi), on the other hand, is the official currency of China. Known as the coin of \u0026 # 8220; People and # 8217; It \u0026 # 8217; S as the field and # 8217; It is a means of exchange.

The difference between the two is subtle, but the MayI prayed of the time, people will talk about Chinese money in terms of Renminbi, as indicated in this conversation below.

money in chinese

Even though the two people in the conversation becoming currency exchange rates, the first speaker is talking about Chinese currency as a means of exchange, not as a Account unit Therefore, he refers to the Chinese currency as Renminbi.

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Now that you know that the coin is in China, Let \u0026 # 8217; S continues with the rest of the publication.

money in chinese Cha-ching! Money in Chinese and how to talk about it

If we like it or not, we talk about money daily. Let \u0026 # 8217; S performs all the relevant vocabulary to discuss money in Chinese.

Terms of vocabulary for cash, currency, money and more

货币 (123]

Huòbì) – Currency

钱(Qián) – Money

现金 (Xiànjīn) – cash, money ready

钞票 (Chāopiào) – Banknote, paper money, (money) Bill

硬币(yìngbì) – Currency

零 钱 (Línguqián) – Small change, loose change

元 (Yuán) – Monetary unit

块 (123]

Kuài) – informal form 元, more common in conversation

[ 123] 角 (Jiǎo) – 0.1 yuan, 10 cents / cents, me

毛 (Máo) – informal form 角, more common in conversation

分 (Fēn) – 0.01 yuan , 1 cent / penny

钱 包 (Qiánbāo) – wallet

零 钱 包 (Líng Qiánbāo) – Wunder

When discussing the price, it could and # 8217; See clear native naltauces changing between 元 and 块. This is similar in the United States, where you could switch between \u0026 # 8220; Dollars and # 8221; Y \u0026 # 8220; Bucks, \u0026 # 8221; or in the UK where it is used \u0026 # 8220; Libs \u0026 # 8221; Y \u0026 # 8220; Quid \u0026 # 8221; Indistinctly

While considering the informal version of 元, it is more commonly used than 元 in everyday situations.

Therefore, if you want to say ¥ 50, you can say:

五十五十 (Wǔshi Yuán)

五十 五十 (Wǔshí Kuài)

One thing to keep in mind is that it is normally used normally for prices in whole numbers . If a price has decimal points, 块 would be the unit you would use.

For example, if you want to say ¥ 9.30, you / # 8217; DY:

九 块 三 毛 (Jiǔ Kuài Sān Moo)

For brevity, let’s say 九 块 块 块.

In China these days, it is rare for anything to have an accurate penny price, but if it does find a product that costs ¥ 6.24, the price in Chinese would be 六 六 毛 四分 四分 (Liù Kuài Liǎng Moos Sì Fēn).

It \u0026 # 8217; Sa Mouthful, so Don \u0026 # 8217; You doubt to shorten it to 六 块 两 毛 四.

Is not there cash in your wallet? No problem.

China and # 8217; S Moving constantly towards a non-cash society, with even small street vendors accepting mobile payments. Both locals and foreigners have beeno Using applications such as Alipay and Wechat Pay to buy, pay bills, book tickets and more. Yes, wechat is much more than just a messaging application.

Here are pay-free options:

借 记卡 (Jiè Jì Kǎ) – Debit card

信信信 (Xìnyòngkǎ) – Credit card

Visa 卡 (Visa Kǎ) – Visa Card

万事达卡 (Wànshìdá Kǎ) – MasterCard

支付 宝 (Zhīfùbǎo) – Alipay

[123 ] 微信 支付 (Wēixìnzhīfù) – Wechat Pay

To pay by card, simply say:

money in chinese 我 要 刷卡 (Wǒ Yào Shuākǎ), which literally means you want to slide your card.

To ask if the previous cash payments are available, only you \”Kěyǐ MA) after saying your preferred payment.

For example, if you wish to ask, \u0026 # 8220; do you accept Wechat Pay? \u0026 # 8221; O \u0026 # 8220; Can I pay for wechat? \u0026 # 8221; me \u0026 # 8217; dy:

微信 可以 吗?Xìn Kěyǐ Ma?)

Phrases for money transactions

Things to say when buying

You may be able to Know some key phrases when it comes to shopping, so let \u0026 # 8217; They focus mainly on money exchanges.

To ask, \u0026 # 8220; How much is this? \u0026 # 8221; In Mandarin, you \u0026 # 8217; D Ask:

这个 这个 钱? (Zhège Duōshǎo Qián?)

Is it too expensive? Say:

太 太 了! (Tài Guì Le!)

If you are buying in a market or a store that allows barter, you can request a discount.

An indirect way of asking is saying: money in chinese

能 便宜 点 便宜 吗? (Neng Piányi Yīdiǎn ma?), Meaning and # 8220; Can you reduce the price? \u0026 # 8221;

Although you do not have and you care about being more direct, you could ask:

可以 打折 打折 打折? (kěyǐ dǎzhé ma?), meaning and # 8220; Can I get a descu? \u0026 # 8221; O \u0026 # 8220; There is a discount? \u0026 # 8221;

Unless otherwise specified, most stores and sellers accept cash payments.

See the formula provided above if it is available without cash.

Paying by meals

You and # 8217; I have successfully ordered your food in Chinese, and now it is time to pay the bill.

If the invoice has not been given, YA # 8217; You can ask for it by saying:

服务员, 买 单 (Fúw Wù Yuán, Mǎi Dān), which literally translates into, \u0026 # 8220; Server, invoice. \u0026 # 8221;

money in chinese Do you need to divide the invoice? Let your server know that you want to pay separately by saying:

分 分 (Fēn Kāi Fù) – Pay separately

If you need an invoice for fiscal purposes, just ask 可以 给 我 发票 吗? (Kěyǐ Gěi Wǒ Fāpiào Ma?), Which means, \u0026 # 8220; Can you give me a bill / receipt or? \u0026 # 8221;

Then, indicate the type of 发票 you need.

In China, you \u0026 # 8217; Leave \u0026 # 8220; Individual, \u0026 # 8221; which is 个人 (Gèrén), O \u0026 # 8220; company, \u0026 # 8221; what is 单位 (dānwèi).

For the latter, you will have to provide you with the name and address of your company in Chinese.

Conversations in the Bank

In search of an ATM, or maybe you need a banking extract?

Most of the time, there will be an English-speaking representative at the Bank, and the main banks in China also have direct lines specifically for English-speaking services. In case your bank does not have if you are afraid that things are lost in translation, here are some useful terms to obtain it.

You already know how to say the credit and debit card in Chinese. Let \u0026 # 8217; Be a little further with another vocabulary rElausado with the bank. Regardless of whether you can take a conversation in Chinese without Fumbling, knowing that these terms will give at least the cashiers an idea of \u200b\u200bthe type of service you need.

自动 (Zìdòng QǔKUǎN Jī) – ATM

银行 (Yínhang) – Bank

新 (Xīn Zhànghù) – New bank account

帐 号 (Zhànghào) – Account Number

储蓄 账户 (Chúxù Zhànghù) – Savings Account money in chinese

支票 支票 (Zhīpiào Zhànghù) – Check Account

银行 证明 (Yínhanng Zhèngming) – Banking Certificate

银行 对 账单 (Yinhanng Duì Zhàng Dān) – Bank Statement

取 钱 (Qǔ Qián) – To withdraw (from a bank account) [ 123]

存入 (cún Rù) – to deposit (from a bank account)

存款 单 (cunkuǎn dān) – Slip deposit

国 外汇 兑 (Guówài Huïduì) – Exchange

Different currencies in Chinese

Curious about what global coins are in Chinese? Here it isTanger translations for the most commonly marketed currencies for your reference.

美元 (Měiyuán) – USD, US Dollar

欧元 (ōuyuán) – EUR, Euro

元元 (Rì Yuán) – JPY, Yen Japanese

[ 123]

澳元 (oyuán) – AUD, Australian Dollar 加元 (Jiā Yuán) – CAD, Canadian Dollar 瑞士 法郎 (Ruìshì FǎLáng) – CHF, Swiss Franc 港元 (Gǎngyuán) – HKD, Hong Kong Dollar 纽元 (Niǔ Yuán) – NZD, New Zealand Dollar 瑞典 (Ruìdiǎn Kèlǎng) – Sek, Krona Dream \u0026 nbsp; And there you have it. I know that all these terms and phrases may not be as relieving the pain as counting money, but surely makes life much easier when it comes to money in Chinese. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take to any place. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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