20 surprisingly good applications to learn Mandarin Chinese in 2021

These days, there, and # 8217; s An application for almost everything.

So it’s not a surprise of ta in everything there are applications to learn Mandarin Chinese.

You may be wondering, can you really move your studies forward?

Surely they can!

Applications are incredibly useful if you know what your goals are and obtain the correct application to adapt to Losgoles.

Chinese learning applications make an incredible addition to their learning toolbox, right next to their Chinese television shows, textbooks, songs and movies.

Continue reading to learn about 20 of the best Chino Learning in 2021, regardless of what your budget or learning needs is.

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20 Surprisingly good applications to learn Mandarin Chinese EN 2021

The development of an application is easy, develop a kick-ass one . Here are some free and paid applications you should consider adding to your tool belt.

Anki best apps for learning chinese

Website | iOS | Android

6 best apps for learning mandarin chinese

Price: free for Android, a unique rate for IOS

Better to: add to vocabulary

best apps for learning chinese

6 best apps for learning mandarin chinese

[123 ]

best apps for learning chinese

6 best apps for learning mandarin chinese

[ 123]


If you have already started your Chinese learning trip, you probably have done now that some words are easier to remember what others. If U.Sted \u0026 # 8217, you are looking for a way to learn those problematic words and build your vocabulary effectively, then Anki is the application for you.

best apps for learning chinese Anki is a powerful and effective flashcard program that \u0026 # 8217;S multi- # 8217; platform, open source and free (although the iOS version has a fee). This means you can study Chinese on any device where Anki is available.

Anki uses a spacing repetition system, also known as SRS.Detecta how well a word knows, then shows it for you again at optimum moments to help you learn it permanently.

It is an incredibly powerful progress, allowing a high degree of personalization. This is also a bit intimidating. But Don \u0026 # 8217;T concerns! If you do not want to make your own Flashcard terrace, Anki also has a large base of users of passionate apprentices, many of whichS have made all the amazing furniture available.USTED \u0026 # 8217;Reflection Find something among those who adapt to their learning objectives.

best apps for learning chinese PLEECO

Website | iOS | Android

Price: free, option to pay more functions

The best for: Searching words and characters, even offline

best apps for learning chinese


Each student, from beginner to advanced, would benefit from aDictionary and translator application, and pleco is one of the best.

best apps for learning chinese In addition to being a powerful dictionary with native audio pronunciations, it is a large number of additional features that make it indispensable for students. The dictionary can be used offline, and allows you to search for characters usingA variety of methods: You can write the word, draw your finger on the screen or even take a photo with your device \u0026 # 8217;s Cam.it was! You can also search for words using character, pinyin or a combination of both.

Pigeco has some more tricks for students. It has a built-in FlashCard system that also allows you to load your own flash cards, and allows you to instantly search for any word in the documents and text files (even if this system varies according to the type of device). If you want a reliable dictionary application to keep by hand, creek \u0026 # 8217; S has been around 20 years, you know that you are receiving a quality product here.

\u0026 nbsp;


Website | iOS | Android

best apps for learning chinese Price: it is based on the subscription, free trial available

The best for: Learn and write Chinese characters [123 ]

This is an application for those of you who are serious about your Chinese writing. The applicationIt uses a handwriting recognition system to allow students to really write the characters that \u0026 # 8217;Re Learning.6 best apps for learning mandarin chinese

With Skritter, you and # 8217;Not only learning how to write correctly to each Chinese character with the correct career order (although you also understand it).You are also learning how to pronounce correctly every word through audio pronunciations and tone gestures: Slide and touch to choose the right tone and simultaneously learn how to write, read and pronounce each character.

Skritter also has video classes, classification tables to get motivated tools and progress tracking so you can see wherever it comes.He can also run the clock at the Attack \u0026 # 8220;Time Attack \u0026 # 8221;Mode, read sample sentences and more features designed to optimize your learning throughout the board.


Website |And.ROID

Price: it is based on subscription, the option to pay to unlock full functions and additional packets best apps for learning chinese

Better to: Write Chinese characters

Zizzle is an application that teaches Chinese characters through short and visual dehistory. 6 best apps for learning mandarin chinese

Currently, there are more than 1000 characters available in the application, of which approximately 600 have lovely and memorable illustrations to help you remember them. These Chinese characters correspond to the most common characters in each of HSK levels.

Each Chinese character is taught through a useful story, often one, including the pronunciation of the character, as well as the corresponding audio, the order of the times and the meaning of the character (often in relation to The meaning of that character).


Website | iOS | Android

best apps for learning chinese

Price: Free basic plan, option to pay to unlock additional functions

The best for: gamified, which covers all Chinese learning

[ 123]

best apps for learning chinese

Hellochinese is a Chinese learning application around the world that has more than eight million downloads around the world. The application focuses on the four pillars of language learning: reading, writing, listening and talking. This makes it a permanent application to learn a lot of Chinese.

Its structure is similar to other educational learning applications, but the depth of your lessons and its functionality of all arouencompassing make this application quite special within gamification.

The lessons with Hellochinese have a structured curriculum to follow. Gira around the conversations of the real world and other hearing activities with TRANScriptions and Translations into English. Lessons topics range from family, food and numbers to more advanced lessons related to education, workplace and the world. The application promotes the ability to support students through students through The six levels of HSK.

Traditional and simplified Chinese characters are allowed in the application, and the lessons have standard tangerine audio registered by native speakers. In addition, students can use voice recognition included to help with a pronunciation trap and Chinese tones, and there and # 8217; s An interface for the letter in the application A practice writing Chinese characters.

Chinese skill

iOS | Android

Price: free, option to pay more functions

The best for: Learn with games

6 best apps for learning mandarin chinese [123 ]

The application of Chinese skills makes learning to be funor through games and interactive exercises. More impressive, he does it in the HSK 3 and 4 levels, in other words, the intermediate level. That said, the application is designed to be useful for complete beginners, so it is a great option to take it from the beginner to the domain of the intermediate level.

Characteristics of Chinese skill A well-rounded curriculum designed by expert educators. You \u0026 # 8217; I arrived more than 400 points of grammar, 300 patterns of prayer, 1000 important words and more than 1500 essential characters.

But do not be alarmed in high numbers! The application will relieve it in all this information through games, video recordings and native speaker audio with the option of decreasing the playback speed, character writing character, speech exercises powered by voice recognition software and more.

You can also customize your learning, sinceThe characters are presented in traditional and simplified forms, and has the option to enable or disable pinyin as desired.

Standard tangerine

FluentU Ad Website | iOS

Price: Free, option to avoid advertisements for a fee

The best for: Study Pinyin and tones best apps for learning chinese

[ 123]

This application specializes in obtaining the right to get your pronunciation, and even tells you how to use the tongue and facial muscles to make the right sounds, so you can really work to get rid of your foreign accent . Remember, Chinese is a tonal language, so erroneous pronunciations can easily lead to bad communication!

With the standard Mandarin application, it obtains graphics and illustrations of facial anatomy to remove the conjectures to make the right sound. All you have to do is choose the sound you want to listen (it iscrito in pinyin), and you and # 8217; Re presented with information and images for all different tones for that sound. best apps for learning chinese

The only real inconvenience of this program is the price. Although you can use it for free, to see the animated visualizations for each pronunciation, you must pay a fee. From you and # 8217; Re only get pronunciation information, and absolutely no translation, aspects of vocabulary learning or any other language learning feature, the price at the time of this script seems quite high. But it would be worth the rate if this is exactly what you are looking for.


Website | iOS | Android

Price: free, option to pay for unlimited tutoring

The best for: practicing native pronunciation China

[ 123]

SpounCling is a non-profit application that focuses only on aLanguage skill ability. If you want to sound like a native immediately, Spepling takes away the attention of the vocabulary lists and the rules of grammar, emphasizing commonly pronounced and prayers as a true Chinese speaker. best apps for learning chinese

Created by Ivy League and Google Alumni, Speeching is equipped with spacious repetition and other unique algorithms to help you achieve the fluency of the conversation. But technology is not a substitute for real Chinese speakers, So the application includes human coaching. Better everything, all this technical and personal training are available for free to break linguistic barriers between native students and speakers.

The application contains a variety of linguistic activities to improve their Chinese conversation skills: dictation, listening, flashcards, complete the blank and an audio dictionary.TAS and activities is full of thousands of common prayers expressed by native-speaking professional actors, so the content is relevant to your learning needs. These prayers are also recorded by both genders.

Here and # 8217; So it works. First, you and # 8217; Llist Listen to Tél Native Audio and then you and # 8217; I will repeat it again in a recording. Within 24 hours, a coach will analyze its recording for pronunciation, rhythm and intonation, as well as other aspects such as choosing words and grammar. All the recordings and feedback of it will be compiled in the audio diary of it.

best apps for learning chinese If you want a furtive exhaust from the application before downloading it, you can check your free language learning tools on the website.


Website | iOS | Android

Price: It is based on the subscription, free trial available

The best for: immersion of theUndo real

best apps for learning chinese

It would not. I love learning Chinese with real authentic content? With Fluentu, you can.

The program takes videos created by the Chinese speakers of Native Mandarin and makes them accessible to students at any level. How is that possible? Check it:

best apps for learning chinese

Fluentu takes authentic music videos Videos, movie films, inspiring news and conversations, and converts them into Personali. Language learning at Zed.

You can try Fluentu for free for 2 weeks. Click here to see the website or download the iOS application or the Android application.

Try free Fluentu!

Du Chalk-Mandarin Study best apps for learning chinese

Website | iOS | Android

best apps for learning chinese Price: Based on subscription, some functions available for free

Better to: Chinese reading

[ 123]

Du Chinese is an application that teaches you mandarin through stories. \u0026 # 8220; DU \u0026 # 8221; It refers to the character 读 (DU) that means \”read, \u0026 # 8221; and the application encourages it to do exactly that to see how the words and constructions of grammar appear in the literature, ultimately improving their Chinese reading understanding .

All these stories have been written and recorded by native speakers, accompanied by professional translations. This ensures that you learn the language through the real Chinese texts and not through China translation literature. [123 ]

Each story is available in simplified and traditional tangerine and clearly marked with the appropriate level of HSK.

Beginners (HSK 1 and 2) start with really simple texts with basic vocabulary. The texts in the level are relatable to be accessible to complete primary beginners and students, with some historicalFunny ories, especially, from exchange students in China or cat-adopted stories from the cat’s perspective.

The stories for intermediate students (HSK 3 and 4) are still relevant for daily life, but they are longer and have some amazing turns and turns to give them a little more a challenge. These stories also have a stronger approach in grammar. Students are encouraged at this stage to deactivate the translations of Pinyin and English at least during their first reading.

As for advanced students (HSK 5 and 6), they can read classical Chinese texts, such as poems and other Literature of the Tang dynasty, known as the golden age for Chinese Arts and Culture.

best apps for learning chinese The President and # 8217; S Bao

Website | iOS | Android

best apps for learning chinese

Price: it is based on subscription, free trial available

[ 123] The best for: reading practice with the newsIAS

\u0026 NBSP;

The President and # 8217; S BA

or is an application that uses news articles from the real world to create an immersion environment for Chinese students of multiple levels. Done, the application is used by more than 131,000 people, as well as more than 250 Universities and institutions around the world, and it is not difficult to understand why.

The application presents mainly more than 7000 qualified. Readers written as news articles found on the Internet. For example, you can read an article about AI in China Monitoring Students \u0026 # 8217; Behavior or woman of 107 years and # 8217; S secret to a long life.

The President and # 8217; S bao has available lessons for all HSK 1 HSK levels (beginner) to HSK 6+ (Advanced). Public 1600 new articles per year, so it will never be exhausted.

During a lesson, students can doLIC In any word for an English translation. Saint Chinese Audio is available for many lessons, and slow and clear. Scaled lesson also has grammar notes and specific vocabulary lists for the news article.

LingQ best apps for learning chinese

Website | iOS | Android

best apps for learning chinese Price: Free basic plan, option to pay to unlock functions Complete

The best for: FlashCard Creation through reading

best apps for learning chinese

Lingq is a program available for computer and mobile devices that revolve around to learning languages \u200b\u200bthrough the creations of \u0026 # 8220; Lingqs \u0026 # 8221; essentially, a Lingq is an unknown word that becomes a digital flash card.Lingqs can be reviewed periodically, intentionally or by reading and listening to the posterior Chinese material, until they become a \u0026 # 8220; bossRA known \u0026 # 8221; (that is, until he reminds what they mean).

best apps for learning chinese One of the greatest strengths of Lingq \u0026 # 8217, apart from the effective way of teaching new words and phrases, is his great Chinese written content library with authentic corresponding audio registered by true Chinese speakers. The incorporated content ofThe application is developed by the application itself, but the new lessons are added by its users daily, so the collection is always growing organically.

Lingq \u0026 # 8217;s Chinese lessons cover a matrix, and they and # 8217;Re-ordered by level.There are six levels of beginner 1 to advanced 2, which correspond very well to the six levels of HSK. You can import your own written and audio content, such as blog posts and news articles to learn Chinesematerial that really interests you.It can save all the audio files of thematerials previously studied as a playlist for the practice of listening in motion.


Website | iOS

Price: Subscription based

The best for: Autogited video lessons

best apps for learning chinese

best apps for learning chinese

[ 123]

best apps for learning chinese

best apps for learning chinese

[123 ]

best apps for learning chinese

best apps for learning chinese

Chineepod is a program that uses over4000 video lessons and podcast for Teach Chinese Mandarin.Decked, Chineepod excelled, not only a real Chinese content that means immersing the student, but also an unstructured approach that allows students to choose which lessons they want to complete. In other words, there is no rigid orderThe lessons must be performed on: simply choose your Chinese level and examine the numerous lessons available.

Each lesson revolves around a dialogue or some other Chinese spoken.Component. Then, there, there and # 8217;SA breaks from the dialogue or spoken component, which allows students to really understand the structures at stake within Chinese sentences and conversations.

In addition to this base or audio video, students also have access to downloadable vocabulary lists and grammar notes. There are English translations available for each lesson, as well as an extensive pinyin section.

Unknown Chinese words can be added at \u0026 # 8220;Decks \u0026 # 8221; feature (Uns Flashcards) and reviewed later to help the vocabulary broth. In addition, there \u0026 # 8217;S A video course called \u0026 # 8220;Right saying \u0026 # 8221; (Lord per seal) that allows students to master all tones inMandarin, as well as pronunciation.

, It is worth noting that, despite having an excellent learning material on your website, the version of the application of this chineepho has very low comments and users report many problems. If you \u0026 # 8217, Go use this, apologize to the web-based version.


Website | iOS | Android

best apps for learning chinese

Price: Based on subscription, some available functions of Free form

Better to: a structured online course best apps for learning chinese



Chineseclass101 is a language learning program and an application of the famous innovative language, the company behind the POD101 learning programs and the Apps series. In addition to the Chinese, theInnovative language has developed programs in depth to learn other languages, such as Hindi, Korean and Russian ..

As their companions pod101, each lesson of Chineseclass101 is based on a video or an audio clip (often registered as podcast). These clips often include a short scene or a conversation in Chinese.Diches scenes include a matrix of school-related topics, work, family and daily life. After video or audio clips, Grant grammar and vocabulary notes, as well as an opportunity for students to practice what they have learned through short exercises or interactions in the lesson forum E # 8217;

Lessonis are also presented in a chronological order that facilitates students to know what they should be studied below in relation to their current levels of Chinese.

There are also videos and audio clips related to grammar or vocabulary themes. For example,You can find a lesson that details how to create last time in Chinese. (Tip: You need to combine verbs!) You can also find lessons that detail the most common ways to greet some or 50 main phrases to use in a Chinese conversation .

There are a lot of free content available with an account and in Chineseclass101 \u0026 # 8217;


Website | iOS | Android

Price: Based on subscription, some available features of Free form The best for: Spacious repeating technology The nincanese is a complete Chinese learning course with more than 1500 mandarin lessons available for students.The majority of lessons are chodded or have similar components to games, which It makes the ninchanese a stress-free form and even fun to learn the language. The lessons focus on reading,Scripture, speaking and listening to Chinese. Many of these lessons include stories and interactive games, so learning new characters and Chinese structures is never boring. There are specific lessons for writing practice through the construction of sentences, Recording speech (with voice recognition in Chrome), practice through dialogue and matching vocabulary with translations and images in English. Best of all, Ninchanese allows students to study all the way to HSK 6 with a structured and easy to follow curriculum. In addition to your lessons, the application includes flashing cards of the spacing repeat system (SRS) that facilitate the vocabulary review and know when the new words need attention to others. And you can use what you like to help you learn, thanks to specialized courses that focus on topics such as Chinese cuisine and Chinese learning through video games. Also, thoseStudents can really be challenged with the nincanese speed and # 8217; Writing lessons where students practice writing a sentence or multiple sentences that contain vocabulary learned as fast as they can. For these activities, write in Chinese characters, but there are also pinyin available in the lessons of Nincanese and # 8217; Learn to listen and speak on Chinese Android Price: Free, option to update the pro version Best to: Get the practice of China Listening This is an application that contains audio-based lessons, mainly focusing on conversations. Through These daily dialogues can learn to vocabulary and grammar structures in context. There are four levels (basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced), which cover everything from basic greetings to socialization services and commercial interactions. All audios come with transcripts so you can read whileListen to the dialogue, but if you really want to try your listening skills, you can hide the transcript and customize your translation settings. If you find that the people are the audio, talk too fast, there and # 8217; SA Slow reading function To make sure you can still follow everything that is said. In addition, prayers are simultaneously highlighted in transcription as dialogue progresses. Apart from the conversations, this application also has sections in Chine Common Chinese, Songs, News and Stories. All these sections demonstrate how language manifests itself in different configurations. Also and # 8217; S also a section for essential words if you \”123], although the application may be a bit advanced for full beginners, learn to listen to Chinese and talk is great. For false beginners and self-motivated students. Tandem Website | iOS | Android Price: Free, Option for PAGar more features The best for: talking with the Native Chinese speakers 123] Tandem is an application that gives you practice in the real world with native speakers. This is absolutely necessary for students of Mandarin, given how it is a written Chinese written by the Verbal Chinese. Chinese text does not indicate pronunciation, several characters can share the same pinyin and some characters can have multiple definitions and orthographies of PINYIN! S which is a language partner: tandem bridges that are divided between the written and verbal Chinese by allowing you to communicate with the native speakers. In general, this application is much less intimidating than exchanges in person in the classrooms and even language meetups. Enesta language exchange platform, you are connected to apprentice colleagues whose target language is your mother tongue, which allows you to learn from each other. Tandem is essentially an APLICation of social networks for language apprentices. It provides the opportunity to join its tones and learn to be a natural conversationalizer in Chinese in an informal learning way. Tandem is built with language tools in the application to make sure your interactions with Chinese-Peaking \u0026 # 8220; Pen Pals \u0026 # 8221; They are the most mild as possible. Native speakers can provide corrections in their text, and can also use the translator to convert their texts into English if you have problems understanding them. To obtain pronunciation practices, Tandem gives you, or the option to communicate through voice, audio and video calls. Grammar China Android Price: Free The Best for: Learning and Understanding Chinese Grammar Chinese Grammar is one of several applications under the Nincanese Umbrella. Set by professional teachers, there are more than 100 lessons of grammar in the application that guide itFrom beginners to advanced China understanding. It is essentially a portable grammar guide, but rather than those long-term and boring explanations. It is often in textbooks, each grammar point in this application is explained in the simplest terms. This guarantees that it can apply Easily each structure to your daily speech practice and writing. The content is also clearly established and easy to read. Each lesson also includes a link to the Nincanese application so you can learn about each grammar point in a game format. SOLE Make sure you already have an account in Ninchaese to access these links. The application is completely free to use, without ads or need to enroll in an account. However, there are a couple of things you need to be careful with Chinese grammar: Apart from the fact that it is only available on Android devices, lessons they are alone in mandarin ifMPLIFIED AND SOLL UP TO HSK 5. Those who need to study HSK 6 vocabulary and grammar should look elsewhere for the exam preparation. Daily Film Website | iOS | Android Price: Based on subscription, some available features for free Best to: Study Chinese Advanced Chinese Daily is the final application to achieve the advanced levels of Chinese domain. Principles Your vocabulary, the daily Chinese has one of the largest collections, but the greatest of the characters to learn Mandarin. To pass the HSK 6 exam, you will need to know 2,663Personages and 5,000 words. But with new levels Curren.Tly in the works, advanced students will need an application such as daily Chinese, which contains more than 9,000 characters for you to learn with the help of spacked repetition. It also has the greatest variety of words packages you e# 8217; It will probably be seen in an application. From fundamental issues, such as grammar and daily language to the categories of niches, such as Buddhism and the specific vocabulary of the industry, the range of covered subjects is huge. Therefore, No matter how hidden your interests or needs, you are likely to find all the correct vocabulary packets to take your mandarin to the next level. S.S also a section for hskvocabulary if you need additional help in that area. The application monitors its progress, measuring the number of characters and words learned. It also indicates the number of learned idioms, which are also included in word packets. HSK Online Website | iOS | Android Price: Free, Option to update for Unlimited VIP access Best for: HSK HSK online is the premier application for the practice of Chinese competition. Although there are other applications that offerThe Word Lists of HSK, HSK Online is, by far, the most exhaustive in terms of exam preparation for the six levels, using previous examinations and simulated tests. Apart from the HSK vocabulary, this application provides more than 300,000 exercises and practices questions that are based on your listening, reading and writing skills. It is not just about memorizing characters and words, also about the use of HSK vocabulary and the formulation of prayers, paragraphs and, eventually, trials. The application is built in AI Tech and other algorithms to review your progress and daily errors, customizing your study sessions to help you improve in your areas of weakness. In terms of feedback, you will receive detailed explanations of errors. This application is free, but if you are studying Chinese to advance your career, you could use it to consider the update to a VIP account to help you access your EXAMENES. To study at a China University or work in a Chinese company, you will need to demonstrate your competition through the HSK.The majority of institutions require at least one HSK 4 to study or work with them. Why learn Mandarin Chinese with applications? The first and most important reason to learn with applications is that you \u0026 # 8217; probably, in motion and, guess what, so are applications. You are and # 8217; You are learning or not Chinese formally in a school, great applications improve and accelerate your learning. And the best part? You \u0026 # 8217; Re wearing your time well! During the long train and bus rides or while waiting online at the bank, use the spare moments to maintain learning. Applications are also excellent for people traveling and want to make some criticism Sintener to carry out heavy books. In addition, I personally seek to have a PR toolExtremely useful Activa for instant learning. Digit it and you say you see an object and I want to know how to say it in Chinese. Some Swipes at a dictionary application would give you the answer immediately and you will learn it in a relevant real world environment means that you will probably remember it better. So, so we know that the applications are useful, but what should we care when choosing an application? What to keep in mind when choosing a Chinese learning application Shopping for an application is not very different from buying a car or coffeemaquina.There are so many options on the market that you are obliged to get confused and bother me if you start looking without having a idea what you are looking for. that \u0026 # 8217; for that, and # 8217; It is so important to consider your budget, level and priorities before going to the application hunt. Consider these factors: usability: Check out the application reviews to see if the programA \u0026 # 8217;s A joy or a pain to use. Some applications are also available offline, if that is something you need. Actively: a Chinola application application should be just a dead and boring translation tool. A good learning application, independentlyFrom your key learning goals, you should encourage you to think. This could be in the form of games, or simple question and answer.In addition, you must be able to choose the configuration that corresponds to your own level. This helps maintain its structured learning, prevents you from feeling overwhelmed (or of lesspression) and inspires you to \u0026 # 8220;level.\u0026 # 8221;The secret to make the most of its Chinese learning applications so now it has a complete package of Chinese learning applications and you \u0026 # 8217;I’m ready to start. How do you get the most out of your applications?The great secret is discipline.When downloads P.Or first time an application is really obsessed with that, but then magic often fades. The best way to make your application learning sustainable is to establish a minimum time commitment. For example, they spend 10 minutes studying flashcards in an application, then another 10 minutes in a grammar or video application learning how to use them really. This may not look like much, but if you do it every day, you will get much better results than to practice for hours during A few days, and then get a burning application and not open them for weeks. I also highly recommend not to arm yourself with a hundred different applications and try to use them all. Sleep an area to focus on each month (or week, if desired), download or buy specialized applications in that aspect. And with that, choose Supplication of favorite Chinese learning and convert their spectacular waiting times on learning opportunities! RestRGAR: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take to any place. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

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